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Heroic.AutoMapper 3.0 (Almost) Released

It’s release candidate time (finally): you can now use AutoMapper 5 with Heroic.AutoMapper! [more] The good news is that you can, finally, use Heroic.AutoMapper with the latest and greatest version of AutoMapper. The bad news is that you will have to update your apps! AutoMapper made several breaking changes from 4.2 to 5.2, and those…

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Heroic.Web.Ioc now supports StructureMap 4.0

StructureMap 4.0 came out earlier this month, thanks to the continuing work of Jeremy Miller.  It’s a Big Deal since it supports .NET Core and ASP.NET 5 (among other things), but unfortunately a few things moved around, and Heroic.Web.IoC was broken (your StructureMap-related code was probably broken, too).  Fortunately, the fixes are easy, and Heroic.Web.IoC…

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