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Random Link Roundup–11/20/2014

What time is it?  It’s time for Friday’s link roundup!  [more] So the biggest news (and the reason for this week’s image!) is that Rob Eisenberg has left the Angular 2.0 team.  Rob is a heck of a developer, creating such awesome frameworks as Caliburn and Durandal.  Losing him is a Big Deal.  It’s not…

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Painless Workstation Setup with Boxstarter

I recently used Boxstarter to set my development machine back up after a format.  Boxstarter is a game-changer for Windows.  I create a simple Powershell script, ran a simple command, then walked away as my machine spent the next several hours downloading, installing, and rebooting, all without me lifting another finger.  When the dust settled,…

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