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Easy Bootstrap Alerts for Your API Results with ASP.NET Core

Continuing on from last time, let’s see how to return a status message from our ASP.NET Core API endpoints, and by convention, display those results in our application as Bootstrap Alerts!

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Easily Add Bootstrap Alerts to Your ViewResults with ASP.NET Core

Once upon a time, I did a course on building your own application framework with ASP.NET MVC 5. One of the most popular techniques I showed in that course was how to attach a alert message to any ActionResult, so that you could consistently display success, warnings, etc. in your app. The bad news is…

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Random Link Roundup–11/14/2014

Happy Friday!  First, I think the entirety of Microsoft’s Developer Division deserves the following: Open Source .NET!  Cross-platform server stack! HUGE improvements coming in VS 2015!  It’s a great time to be a .NET developer! But now, on to some random links for this week! [more] There’s been a lot of hate thrown Angular’s way…

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