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I Need Your Feedback – ASP.NET Core Application Framework Essentials

I’m finally creating a new “Build Your Own Application Framework” course. Now is your chance to shape this course and make sure it covers the topics you care about!

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Passing Data from ASP.NET Core to Angular

Every application needs some configuration data. For ASP.NET Core applications, we can pull configuration data from JSON files, environment variables, or anywhere else we want. For Angular applications, we can define environment-specific configuration files that are automatically wired up for us based on our build configuration. But what do we do when we need to…

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Using Angular 6 with Visual Studio 2017

Angular 6 is out! That’s great, except that the Visual Studio 2017 Angular templates haven’t been updated yet. BUT, all is not lost, because it’s actually (relatively) easy to upgrade. Let’s take a look!

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Easy Angular Notifications with ASP.NET Core

Displaying feedback to your users is one of those common, cross-cutting (boring!) requirements that should be baked in to your application’s framework. That’s just as true with old-school ASP.NET MVC as it is with ASP.NET Core and Angular. In this post, I’ll show you how you can bake this capability in to a modern Angular…

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Improving the Dev Experience with ASP.NET Core and Angular CLI

In my previous article, I showed how we could easily create an Angular 5 CLI app inside of an ASP.NET Core application. There was one big thing that bugged me about that approach though: our ASP.NET Core application and our Angular CLI application were hosted separately during local development. After spending some time with the…

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Creating a New ASP.NET Core 2.1 Preview Project with Angular

The Angular project template has been updated in ASP.NET Core 2.1-preview. The new template makes several improvements over the old one. Let’s take a look!

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Creating a New Project with ASP.NET Core and Angular

You would think that creating an ASP.NET Core application that uses Angular would be easy-peasy. After all, there’s an “Angular” option in the new project wizard for an ASP.NET Core application! Sadly, reality is a cruel mistress, and if you take that approach to creating your next Angular + ASP.NET Core project, you’ll be in…

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Easy Bootstrap Alerts for Your API Results with ASP.NET Core

Continuing on from last time, let’s see how to return a status message from our ASP.NET Core API endpoints, and by convention, display those results in our application as Bootstrap Alerts!

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Easily Add Bootstrap Alerts to Your ViewResults with ASP.NET Core

Once upon a time, I did a course on building your own application framework with ASP.NET MVC 5. One of the most popular techniques I showed in that course was how to attach a alert message to any ActionResult, so that you could consistently display success, warnings, etc. in your app. The bad news is…

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