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Towards a better Windows Communication Foundation

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is The One Way to implement inter-process communication on the .NET platform.  Well, it’s not really the only way, but it’s certainly the most common way.  It’s a bit misused.  Unfortunately, WCF suffers from numerous problems.  It is extremely configuration heavy, it has known design issues, and it has a learning…

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A simple WCF host application

I’ve been struggling with getting some of our backend components to play nice over WCF for the past couple of days.  Our situation is a little more complex than most I think; our systems have dependencies on a variety of COM libraries, uses some Java APIs via IKVM.NET, and has differing capabilities as far as…

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A fixed ClientBase class for WCF proxies

It’s a well–known point of pain for Windows Communication Foundation developers that ClientBase<T> is, in fact, broken.  Though it implements IDisposable, calling Dispose doesn’t clean everything up in all cases.  Instead, you have to close the channel manually (aborting it instead if it is faulted), handle errors, then dispose of it.  I’m not sure why…

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