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New Course: Getting Started with Azure IoT Hub

This post may seem a bit off-topic, but for the past several years, when I’m not building Angular and ASP.NET applications, I’ve been working in the Internet of Things. Microsoft Azure IoT Hub has been a game-changer in this space, and my latest Pluralsight course, Azure IoT Hub for Developers: Getting Started, was crafted to…

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A More Elegant Zombie Horde Using Array.from

In my last post, we used ES2015 generators to make a never-ending stream of zombies. A stream is great, but sometimes you need an array. My original approach for making an array of zombies wasn’t elegant, but comments on that post from Ege and Alan showed me a better way using another ES2015 feature. [more]…

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Practical Promises in JavaScript – Using async-await

Welcome to the final entry of my Practical Promises series! Today, we’re going to learn about the new async and await keywords that are coming as part of ES2017. [more] If you are just joining us, here is what you missed: In part 1, we talked about what promises are and what they can be…

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Practical Promises in JavaScript – Finally

Welcome to yet another entry in my Practical Promises series! We’re nearing the end, but I overlooked one important, and useful, capability of several promise libraries, which is what we’ll talk about today! [more] For Those Just Tuning In… If you are just joining us, here is what you have missed so far: In part…

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Heroic.AutoMapper Updated

I just shipped a new version of Heroic.AutoMapper.  Unfortunately, AutoMapper 4.2.0 introduces some breaking changes between 4.1.0 (semvar, anyone?), and Heroic.AutoMapper was impacted.  That means anything that uses Heroic.AutoMapper is also impacted. [more] Fortunately, the change is mechanical, and a NuGet package update followed by some find-and-replace should have you back up and running. First,…

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How to Build Beautiful ASP.NET MVC Apps for Non-Designers

Thank you for checking out my talk at NashDotNet! I hope you found it useful. Please do me a favor, and drop me a line on Twitter (@matthoneycutt) to let me know what I can do better next time! Here are the various links we covered in today’s talk: Theme Sites Bootstrap w3 Layouts Start…

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In addition to writing, I’m also an author for Pluralsight!  Building Strongly-typed AngularJS Apps with ASP.NET MVC 5That’s not a typo, you can indeed write apps that are strongly-typed using AngularJS and MVC together! Automated Testing in ASP.NET With SpecsFor and SpecsFor.MvcWant to learn everything there is to know about SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc?  This course…

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Strongly-Typed AngularJS Applications

Thank you for watching my latest Pluralsight course!  I hope you found it useful!  Please drop me a line (click the Contact Me button on the left!) and let me know what you loved or hated about the course.  I want to get better at this, so any and all feedback is useful. I’m always…

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Intro to .NET Unit & Integration Testing with SpecsFor–Now on InfoQ!

My latest ramblings on SpecsFor are now available on InfoQ.  If you’re curious about SpecsFor and what it can do, my hope is that this article will enlighten you!

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Highlighting the Current Link in a Menu with ASP.NET MVC

A fairly-common UX pattern is highlighting the link within a menu that corresponds to the page or section that a user is currently on.  This can be done quite easily in ASP.NET MVC.  Here’s a simple, strongly-typed extension method that you can drop in. [more] So here’s what we’re trying to achieve (shamelessly borrowed from…

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