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My “NHibernate.Search and Lucene.NET” Presentation from CodeStock 2010

CodeStock 2010 is over. I had a good time, talked with lots of cool people, and attended some great sessions.  Though I had to miss day 1 due to commitments for my new job at TrackAbout, I was able to attend and present on day 2.  I’d like to thank everyone that attended my presentation,…

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My day as a data analyst

That’s right, I have fallen from grace as lead developer and have been reduced to writing mundane SQL to generate spreadsheets for customers.  Fortunately this is just a temporary assignment, but it’s a PITA nonetheless.  I did learn a few useful things today though.  First, SQL sucks.  And second, SQL sucks. Third, if you have…

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SQL Server Tip: sqlcmd variables

Here’s a fun little tip you can use in your SQL scripts to make them scriptable via the sqlcmd utility while still supporting SSMS.  Say you want to make the name of your database configurable so you can script out the deployment of your database.  You could do that with a script like this: 1:…

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