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Random Link Roundup–10/31/2014

Happy Halloween, everyone!  In addition to providing you with a bunch of random links, I’m going to be dressing for the job I want today: [more] Google revealed some details about Angular 2.0 this week.  They didn’t just move the cheese, they took it outside, shot it, then set it on fire.  InfoQ has a…

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Random Link Roundup–9/19/2014

It’s Friday, which means another round-up of useful links.  Oh, and a cat picture! [more] There’s some really cool stuff coming with C# 6.0.  Check out some of the enhancements! Be sure to check out EntityFramework.Extended if you are using Entity Framework.  It adds support for future queries, caching, and auditing to EF. Want to…

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Random Link Roundup–9/12/2014

Happy Friday!  It was a busy week for me, so I’ve gather a lot of links to share!  Enjoy! [more] The first bug was reported 67 years ago on September 9th, 1947.  If you are interested in Phonegap, check out this article on using Ionic with with Phonegap. Chartist is yet another (nice-looking!) JavaScript charting…

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