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Using Cloudmailin’ with ASP.NET MVC

I’m building an ASP.NET MVC app that receives E-mail via’s service.   In this post, I’ll show you how to create a handler for Cloudmailin using MVC, and I’ll show you how to test that handler locally. [more] Receiving Data From Cloudmailin Cloudmailin is a service that takes E-mail messages and posts them to a…

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AppHarbor Rocks. Seriously.

You kids and your applications today.  Back in my day, we published our applications like real men!  We didn’t have these fancy, cloud-based services like Heroku and AppHarbor.  We couldn’t just type ‘git push origin’ and have our application magically show up online, ready to rock and roll.  We used to dread deploying our code…

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