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The pleasure of ActiveRecord-based data access code

At the beginning of the year, I described the horrible experience I had while removing *TWO* columns from the database of a legacy system here at the day job.  For those too lazy to go back and read, I basically spent nearly an entire day working on this “trivial” task and ended up with a…

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ActiveRecord 2.0 Beta 1 Ships!

It’s very nice to see new releases coming out of the Castle Project finally.  Windsor has been updated, and now ActiveRecord is getting some love.  Highlights include built-in support for in-memory unit tests, LINQ support, and simplified integration with Lucene via NHSearch. You can read more about it over at Morts Like Us.

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Castle ActiveRecord: Quite Possibly the Greatest Thing Ever

Well, maybe not, but it has quickly become my favorite tool for writing .NET applications.  I’ve been using it to write the persistence layer for a brand-new enterprise application we’re building, and so far, it’s elegantly supported every single thing I’ve wanted to do.  LINQ?  Got it.  Part-of relationships?  Easy.  Many-to-many?  No sweat.  Multiple data…

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Easy testing via ActiveRecord and SQLite

As I've mentioned, I'm a big fan of ActiveRecord.  I like having all of my data-access related code stored in exactly one place.  There's no separate mapping file to maintain, and if I'm really lazy, I can even let ActiveRecord generate the schema for me (yeah, that doesn't really work once you have to worry…

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Using LINQ with ActiveRecord

One of the new projects at my day job is using ActiveRecord for data access.  I’m a huge fan of ActiveRecord (and of all things Castle), but I like the fact that LINQ makes it very easy to do ad-hoc queries with a compile-time safety net.  Unfortunately, ActiveRecord does not support LINQ out of the…

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