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Random Link Roundup–9/25/2014

It’s the last Friday of September.  Time for another cat pic and some links! [more] I’ve been working on some simplified ASP.NET Identity samples lately, something that shows how cleanly it can be implemented if you remove some of the bad design and noise that the VS project template adds.  These two posts were very…

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Random Link Roundup–9/12/2014

Happy Friday!  It was a busy week for me, so I’ve gather a lot of links to share!  Enjoy! [more] The first bug was reported 67 years ago on September 9th, 1947.  If you are interested in Phonegap, check out this article on using Ionic with with Phonegap. Chartist is yet another (nice-looking!) JavaScript charting…

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Random Link Roundup–9/5/2014

It’s Friday again!  Here are more random useful and/or interesting links.  Enjoy! [more] Project Wing from Google is just plain cool.   But I’m still waiting on my self-driving car.  Free food in 2020 depends on it! I much prefer the “controller as” syntax in Angular JS over the traditional scope-based approach.  But I’ve been falling…

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