Month: <span>November 2015</span>

SpecsFor Updates!

New versions of both SpecsFor.Web.Helpers and SpecsFor.Mvc rolled out this week, thanks to the contributions of two users from the community. [more] First, Dan Patterson was kind enough to improve the Fake* objects, making it possible to simulate AJAX requests.  He added two new interfaces that can be used for configuring the behavior of the…

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I’ll be speaking at the Nashville .NET User Group this Thursday!

I’ll be presenting “How to Build Beautiful ASP.NET MVC Apps for Non-Designers” at the Nashville .NET User Group this Thursday evening, 11/12/2015.  If you’re in the Nashville area, please come by and see me and the rest of the awesome folks that make up this group!  I’ll be sharing the tools, tips, and tricks that…

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How to Build Beautiful ASP.NET MVC Apps for Non-Designers

Thank you for checking out my talk at NashDotNet! I hope you found it useful. Please do me a favor, and drop me a line on Twitter (@matthoneycutt) to let me know what I can do better next time! Here are the various links we covered in today’s talk: Theme Sites Bootstrap w3 Layouts Start…

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