The next CodeStock is approaching fast, and now it’s time for everyone to vote


Unlike previous years, you don’t have to buy a ticket to vote, and you can vote for as many sessions as you want.  The voting website is also *much* improved from previous years!

I’ve submitted three topics for this year.  If you’re interested in hearing about them, please vote for them!

Aurelia vs. AngularJS: A client-side framework DEATHMATCH*
(*Ok, so no frameworks are actually going to be harmed in this session. Well, we might poke at them with a stick, but I don’t think either of them will die. But…) We will examine both AngularJS 1.x and the newest kid on the block, Aurelia. We’ll compare the tooling for each, the major components of both frameworks, and we’ll see how each handles common client-side problems like data binding and routing. By the end of this session, we may not have one less client-side framework, but hopefully you will know enough to decide which you’d rather build your next app on!

How to Build Beautiful ASP.NET MVC Apps for Non-Designers
I am not a designer. I couldn’t pick out complimentary colors to save my life. I have trouble picking out matching clothes for my kids. I couldn’t tell you which two fonts go well together (except for Comic Sans, which goes great with anything!) But, I can still build beautiful web applications. "How is that possible?!?" you ask? I learned how to cheat! In this session, I’ll show you resources I use to overcome my handicap. I’ll also show you some simple techniques you can use with LESS, CSS, and HTML to spice up your apps, too, that way your next application won’t be so hideous that it makes baby seals cry.

Strongly-Typed AngularJS Apps in ASP.NET MVC
Yes, you read that right: you can indeed write strongly-typed applications using AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC. And no, I’m not talking about TypeScript! While ASP.NET MVC developers are racing to enrich their apps using client-side code, many developers don’t realize that they’re giving up a huge amount of the benefits of ASP.NET MVC when they write their AngularJS code. In this session, I’ll show you how to get away from maintaining tag soup by writing strongly-typed, refactor friendly code using AngularJS. You’ll see how you can improve your productivity while also increasing your code base’s readability and maintainability. We’ll cover everything from creating custom HTML helpers to leveraging templates on our path to eliminating weakly-typed code and tag soup from our applications!

And in a shameless plug for my friends that are also presenting, check out the following sessions, too, and vote for them if they sound interesting to you!

Up and running with MongoDB in 1 hour – Brant Wheeler
Long the king of data storage, relational databases are no longer the only option for storing your application’s data. Learn how to determine if a document-oriented database is right for you and how to leverage one such database, MongoDB, in your project. You’ll learn how to do document modeling the right way, along with performing CRUD operations and using the aggregation framework, from a MongoDB certified developer and DBA.
All code will be in C#, but the principles will apply to any language.

IQ + EQ = Success – Carolyn Reed
In today’s market, emotional intelligence (EQ) or ‘soft skills’ are just as or more important in IT than intelligence (IQ) or technical skills.
Soft skills are things like having positive attitude, motivating customers and coworkers, and building your team up instead of tearing them down. The importance of communication skills, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and collaboration are being evaluated just as much as your skills and experiences. These are skills that we all need and employers want. Interviewers are asking questions like describe your perfect work day, and give a real life example of difficult work situation and how did you handled it. These are a few of the things that I will cover in my talk. After my talk, we can all put our soft skills to work, and use this conference to meet people and network.

The Super Easy Way to Build PowerShell Cmdlets in .NET – Nathan Honeycutt
Are you a .NET developer that wants to extend PowerShell? Do you want to simplify repetitive daily tasks? Are there some tasks you find easier to do in C# than in PowerShell script? If so, this is the session for you! Come learn about the easiest possible way to create full featured PowerShell cmdlets using your existing .NET knowledge. In this code-oriented session, we’ll build a cmdlet to make using SQL Server from the command line a more developer-oriented story, and discuss some of the more advanced features of PowerShell cmdlets, like session variables and support for unit testing. If you want to quickly see how your .NET skills can translate into PowerShell tools, you’ll find this session tailored directly to you.

With a bigger venue and Scott “The Hansel” Hanselman giving the keynote, this year’s Codestock could be the best yet!