Finally!  The next iteration on the road to Perfect PDF 2.0 is available on NuGet!



This new version is a ground-up rewrite of Perfect PDF.  The new version now uses Webkit as an embedded library rather than relying on an external executable to render your views.  This means fewer moving pieces, and tighter integration going forward!

This version also supports generating PDFs from Razor views directly, without the need to run a web server.  That means you can embed Razor views in other types of applications, such as Windows Services, and use Perfect PDF to render the views directly into PDF files!

Now, keep in mind, this is the first release of this new rewrite.  There will be bugs in this version!  But as always, I’ll work to get them squashed as quickly as possible, so please ping me if you run into any issues!

So what are you waiting for?  Go grab the newest bits off of NuGet now!  And early adopters, you can still lock in free upgrades for a year at a reduced price!  But act quickly!  The final version of 2.0 will ship in multiple versions with different feature sets, but all early adopters (both past and present) will have access to the Ultimate edition, including all features!