Happy Friday, everyone!  It’s been a week of craziness.  Microsoft and Google, working together??  AngularJS 2.0 built on TypeScript??  These statements sound too crazy to be true, but yet, here we are!



The big news of the week: yes, AngularJS 2.0 uses TypeScriptAtScript IS TypeScript now!  I’m actually quite pleased and excited about this announcement!

Display time in a more user-friendly way with AngularJS

Building AngularJS apps today using ES6

nzAnimate – A clean approach to using Animate.css in your AngularJS apps

Sometimes you need to disable Angular’s animation service (like when using fa-spin from Font Awesome!)

Finally, a decent datepicker for AngularJS!



Transformicons look great!  Check them out!

Cool things you can do with Font Awesome

Animated Text Fills

More icons, built entirely with CSS



Here’s a great write-up dealing with timezones in .NET web apps 

Updates to the ASP.NET web stack 

Switch your MVC 5 app to use Gulp and Bower in VS 2013

Routing based on domain in ASP.NET 5

I agree, .NET packaging is a hot mess

ASP.NET 5 – a novel by Scott Gu

A more-concise write-up on ASP.NET 5



ES6 generator functions: now I can abuse ‘yield’ in JavaScript AND C#! 😀

Natural Language Processing.  In JavaScript.  #WHYYYYYYY?

Value Converters in Aurelia

DateDropper – a different take on the classic datepicker widget



And more icons, not built with CSS

Free user pics!  They look a little *too* happy to represent the average user though…

I actually agree with Rob Conery: sprocs are not inherently evil.