It’s Friday again already!  I only have a small collection of links this week, but hey, at least I posted something!


The big news in the JavaScript world lately has been Aurelia, Rob Eisenberg’s new framework.  I’m a huge Eisenberg fan, so this is one I’ll be paying very close attention to, and so should you.

Learn about the ins and outs of token-based authentication from!

As more and more web traffic comes from touch-enabled devices, touch-enabled UIs are going to become more and more important.  Here’s a touch-enabled gallery plug-in you can add to your next app.

The bane of many a masters or PhD student is the dreaded LaTeX formatNow there’s a CSS and HTML-based alternative!

Here’s an AWESOME one page website template from Codrops.

The next time I need a Micro-ORM, I think I’m going to go with SqlFu.  I somehow overlooked this one until recently, but it looks pretty frickin’ awesome.

I’ve long considered writing a plug-in for Visual Studio.  Clide looks like it would make that less painful.

I’m doing some work in the area of “The Internet of Things” these days, and one of the challenges I had to overcome recently was getting MassTransit, an MQTT client, and a browser-based client all talking to each other.  This post really helped me out!