Are we really almost 1/12th of the way through 2015?  Where does the time go?!? 


For the .NET crowd…

Brant Wheeler has a nice write-up on doing  Calendar-Quarter Aggregation in MongoDB.

C# 6.0 is coming!  If you haven’t memorized the new features, MSDN has a good overview.

I’m a big fan of partial rendering in ASP.NET MVC, but Dino Esposito gave me some new ideas.


For my fellow devs cranking out JS…

Did you know you can generate UUIDs in JavaScript?  Well, you can!

If you want to combine AngularJS and SignalR, this project might help.

CodyHouse has a lot of great samples, including this new one on creating a slide-in content filter with jQuery and some CSS trickery.

If you’re doing Angular 1.3 today, you can start prepping for the 2.0 transition by building component-based directives.


And the other links that aren’t like the others…

Picking colors is hard.  Thankfully, there are tools like TintUI.

Picking fonts is also hard.  Yay for tools like FontPair!

And, apparently, picking good passwords is also hard.