Here’s the first official roundup of 2015!  In a few more years, perhaps you’ll be able to enjoy my roundups in pure holographic beauty!




On the .NET front…

Attribute routing is getting better in MVC 6!

You can now use Application Insights with Azure Websites.  I actually thought you could already do this, so cool!

I mainly use Entity Framework these days, but there are still areas where NHibernate is surprisingly superior.  Like having support for Hierarchy IDs.

Need Eval for C#, but can’t wait for Rosyln?  C# Expression Evaluator may work for you.


And in the HTML/CSS world…

Codrops has some very slick input effects you can use.

Hover.css is like Animate.css, except focused just on hover effects. 

Lining.js allows you to do nth-line CSS selectors.  

There’s some GREAT stuff coming in CSS Selectors 4.  Nothing is finalized yet, so it’s a bit of a tease, but at least it will be here someday! 

Zero element loading animations – Nuff Said! 

Used flexboxes yet?  Then you’ve hit flexbox bugs!  Here’s a community-driven list of known issues and their workarounds.


Over in JavaScript land…

If you want to get up and running with Ionic quickly, you can try this Yeoman generator.

Are you using Angular and Bootstrap together correctly? Probably not, but fortunately, has your back!

Want to know more about Facebook Flow?  

Ever wanted to create desktop apps with HTML, JavaScript, and Node?  Well, you can anyway!

If you’re looking for a complete guide to Angular animations, look no further than Year Of Moo’s article.


And on the island of misfit topics..

You can move tables between schemas in SQL Server, but the command isn’t exactly obvious.

Do you chicken-peck when you type?  How much more productive would you be if you could type better?  Brush up on your skills!

Stay tuned for next week, when I resume failing at posting these roundups on time!