Happy Friday, everyone!  Today we have a zombie picture, because my house is contaminated with a mixture of flu and stomach virus that I’m pretty sure will lead to the scene below.   Anyway, on to the links!


First, a few useful new things you may want to bookmark:

BootstrapBay is yet another place to grab themes for Bootstrap. Do yourself (and the rest of us!) a favor, and don’t use vanilla Bootstrap on your next project! Smile

If you need an API to hook in to your app, try searching at APIs.io.  Their index isn’t complete, but I found several useful services with their search engine!

You can never have too much inspiration when you’re crafting UI.  Here’s something to inspire you for your next pricing table.

And some JavaScript goodness:

Angular 2.0 is a loooong way off still, but you can do some things to make your app more compatible with the 2.0 design starting today

I’m starting to take a bigger interest in React, and it sounds like RefluxJS is a must-have tool.

There are more and more reasons to use HTML5 and CSS for mobile apps over native, as both iOS and Android have now improved both of their respective web view controls.

And what the heck, a whole slew of random things!

"Let’s Encrypt" from EFF promises to provide SSL certificates for free starting in 2015.  <OldManMatt>Back in my day, those things cost hundreds of dollars and took weeks to be issued!</OldManMatt>

Want a quick crash-course in Getting Things Done, the productivity system we (and by we, I mean me) practice here? Here you go!

I didn’t realize how much was possible with .NET’s built-in licensing.

BIG changes coming for Resharper vNext.  I can’t say I’m surprised, especially since VS 2015 looks like it ate most of ReSharper…

For those trying to get Entity Framework to work with SqlDependency, here are some various partial solutions.

Octopus Deploy is ditching RavenDB and going with SQL Server.  The reasons make a lot of sense.

Do you have a daughter?  If so, she’s a big fan of Frozen.  Take advantage of that, and teach her to code with  Elsa at Code.org!