Month: <span>December 2014</span>

Random Link Roundup–12/4/2014

Happy Friday, everyone!  Today we have a zombie picture, because my house is contaminated with a mixture of flu and stomach virus that I’m pretty sure will lead to the scene below.   Anyway, on to the links! [more] First, a few useful new things you may want to bookmark: BootstrapBay is yet another place to…

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SpecsFor 4.3.0 Release Candidate–Improved Partial Matching!

The new release candidate for SpecsFor adds some new capabilities for both Looks.Like and ShouldLookLike.  Read on to find out more! [more] First, Looks.Like now supports strongly-typed partial matching using lambda expressions, just like ShouldLookLike: public class when_verifying_with_a_partial_object : SpecsFor<object> { [Test] public void then_it_verifies_correctly_if_the_object_matches_the_specified_properties() { var myCar = new TrainCar {Name = "Simple Car",…

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