What time is it?  It’s time for Friday’s link roundup! 


So the biggest news (and the reason for this week’s image!) is that Rob Eisenberg has left the Angular 2.0 team.  Rob is a heck of a developer, creating such awesome frameworks as Caliburn and Durandal.  Losing him is a Big Deal.  It’s not Doom and Gloom time yet, but I kinda feel like that’s where we’re headed…

Rob Reynolds of Chocolatey had a successful Kickstarter this week.  He also wrote about how the passion of a few people and their tools saved Windows.

Underlined links in web browsers are ugly.  Or at least, they were.  Smarter Link Underlines gives you some simple(ish) CSS that will beautify your links.

Material-UI is a library and CSS framework for building “Material Design” compatible apps.  The CSS could be used anywhere, but the components themselves are for React

CSS Dig is an interesting tool that could help you spot both duplication and inconsistencies across your CSS.

The stock Android emulator is notoriously slow.  The Visual Studio Emulator for Android, however, looks great!  MS shipping the best emulator for Android just strikes me as all kinds of funny for some reason…

I’ve been a Bootstrap (ab)user for a long time, but Foundation for Apps sounds interesting enough that I’m thinking about switching.

Oh, and in case you missed it (which you didn’t because you’re subscribed to my blog!), SpecsFor.Mvc 4.1.0 is out!

Got an interesting bit of news or a link from this week that I missed?  Please share it in the comments!