Happy Friday!  First, I think the entirety of Microsoft’s Developer Division deserves the following:

Open Source .NET!  Cross-platform server stack! HUGE improvements coming in VS 2015!  It’s a great time to be a .NET developer!

But now, on to some random links for this week!


There’s been a lot of hate thrown Angular’s way lately, especially with regards to 2.0.  Some of it is valid.  But Rob Eisenberg has a great post concerning Angular 2.0 and why its such a drastic change.  I highly recommend taking a look!

On the Angular front, Angular Hint may be the coolest thing in Angular 1.3, and I didn’t know about it until I saw this post!

There are a couple of new tools for Bootstrap no: Rorschach can check pull requests for common problems, and Bootlint can check your VANILLA Bootstrap app for common problems.  At this point though, I think Bootlint should report that a vanilla Bootstrap app IS a problem, period…

Speaking of not making boring vanilla Bootstrap apps, here’s a much more interesting navbar to inspire you on your next project.

You can now test your app in a Windows 10 VM using RemoteIE!  I hope they eventually add support for testing in older versions of IE, too, though…

I learned about 5 functions on of the JavaScript console object that I didn’t know about.

Another great resource for the color-choosing-challenged (like me), this time from Google!  Oh, and Material Angular is awesome!

As you are writing code, keep these things in mind. The guy that maintains your code will thank you, as will Future You in six months.

Are you a freelancer?  Here’s a fun tool to help you price your services

And probably the biggest news this week, even bigger than .NET going open-source: SpecsFor now has real docs!  They’re not complete, but we’re making progress!

Have a great Friday!