Happy Friday, everyone!  It’s been a slow link week for me, but here are the interesting tidbits I came across!


JavaScript isn’t going away.  In fact, it’s only increasing in popularity.  In totally unrelated news, anyone else feel like there are more bugs in software these days? Smile with tongue out

There are a lot of choices if you want a higher-level language that compiles down to JavaScript.  Here’s a good overview and comparison of three: TypeScript, Facebook Flow, and AtScript.

Speaking of, 6to5 can compile ES6 JavaScript into compatible ES5 JavaScript for use in current-gen browsers. 

Ever wonder what that System Idle Process on your box is actually doing? Turns out, it’s actually not as boring as it sounds!

In the inspiration department, we have another UI from Codrops: a search box that morphs into a full-screen overlay.

In the man-I’m-old/I-wish-I-still-did-fun-stuff department, I wish I still took time to write games.  I could be writing browser-based games in AngularJS, like in this example.

Are we Doing it Wrong?  Have we been breaking the web as we move to Angular and its kind? This guy thinks so!

From the I’m-not-a-designer-and-would-rather-someone-else-do-that-part department, Bootstrap Zero has some nice, free themes.

Here’s yet another great resource for finding free stock photos!  Yet somehow I still have trouble finding good images to use in my posts and slides…

Azure DocumentDB’s query syntax is actually pretty swank!  You can try it out here.  It’s also cheaper than a cloud-hosted instance of RavenDB, too. 

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