Happy Halloween, everyone!  In addition to providing you with a bunch of random links, I’m going to be dressing for the job I want today:



Google revealed some details about Angular 2.0 this week.  They didn’t just move the cheese, they took it outside, shot it, then set it on fire.  InfoQ has a concise write-up

Firepole Marketing lists 16 common website design mistakes and how to fix them.  Let’s not count how many this very site violates.  MOVE ALONG!

Have you ever had to make nice-looking HTML E-mails?  It’s not fun.  BeeFree looks like it might help alleviate some of that pain.

Here’s a web-based iOS simulator!  Just upload your .app file, and you’ll get a link to your simulator!

AppFigures looks like a good way to track useful metrics about your mobile apps. 

Jon Skeet is always a good read.  His latest post is no exception.

Chocolatey continues to grow up!  It FINALLY has package moderation!  And the Kickstarter is approaching the half-way mark with 18 days to go!

Similar to my Bootstrap Alert extensions over in the Fail Tracker sample project, here’s a simple MVC wrapper for Toastr.

The lobotomized owl CSS selector.  The name alone makes me want to use it, but it does indeed have some pretty cool applications!

I’m as guilty of anyone of abusing the standard Bootstrap look-and-feel, but it does seem to be getting out of hand.  Maybe it’s time to consider alternatives?

Entity Framework doesn’t have a built-in compliment to NHibernate’s cascade-delete-orphans, but here are a couple of workarounds.

Papercut is a great little utility.  Run it on your dev box, then let it intercept any E-mails sent to localhost:25.  Oh, and it’s available on Chocolatey, too!

I have a love-hate relationship with Regex.  Resharper 9 may shift the balance slightly back towards "love" again.

Anyone else notice how 90% of the good Visual Studio extension are made by Mads Kristensen?  The File Nesting add-in is another great example.

Bootstrap Application Wizard looks neat!  I still wish a Wizard was a standard component, but hey, at least there are alternatives from the community!

And finally, some random AngularJS goodness for you.  Here’s a tree control, a tree grid, an overview of the new ng-model-options that shipped with AngularJS 1.3, and, last but not least, a great little add-in for Chrome that puts Batarang to shame.