It’s Friday, so prepare for incoming awesomeness in the form of random links!


AngularJS 1.3 is out!  The name makes me think of Guardians of the Galaxy for some reason…

Further proof that we will eventually JavaScript All the Things: speech recognition in JavaScript has arrived. 🙁

You can never have too many icons!  Here are some more freebies!

OneGet is a Chocolatey-like package manager from Microsoft.  I’m not sure where that leaves Chocolatey down the road, but still, an official MS package manager is long overdue.

NuGet 3.0 sounds like it’ll be a big improvement!  It’s ambitious, but it’ll address some of the fundamental problems that have existed since 1.0. 

Check out this neat explanation of X-Men: Days of Future Past using Git

Troy Hunt’s explanation of the latest SSL vulnerability is well-written and worth a quick read.

Git Extensions is still the best way to "git" started on Windows.  Forget Github for Windows, Git Extensions for the win!

Here’s an interesting article about development at Github, called "Move Fast and Break Nothing."

What if we labeled food by the activities we’d have to perform to offset their calories? It’d probably be depressing.

There’s some great new stuff in VS 2013 Update 4 for web devs!  I’m excited to see if the Browser Link CSS auto-sync improvements make it more useful.

Google’s Material Design reference icons are FOSS. Get them in PNG and SVG varieties!

You can never have too many good tools to help you pick colors and fonts.  Palettab presents some great color and font combinations every time you open a new tab in Chrome!

Want to check out a cool little sample app built with Ioinic and AngularJS?  Check out HN-IonFire.

angular-dialog-service allows you to display various Bootstrap-styled dialogs from your Angular controllers. I’ve been told it has some issues with Angular 1.3, but what JavaScript *doesn’t* have issues? Smile

You can use UI Boostrap if you want to use AngularJS and Bootstrap together, but there’s another project that provides the same capabilities called AngularStrap.  UI Bootstrap seems to have a bigger community behind it though…

NightmareJS is an automation API built on phantomjs. The API is great.  It has given me some ideas for the next version of SpecsFor.Mvc…

Last but not least, May cannot get here soon enough.