It’s been a while since I’ve posted a batch of links, mostly due to me catching pneumonia!  So, I have a ton of stuff for you today!  Oh, and it’s late! Smile


I can tell I’m spending the bulk of my time in the Angular world these days…

Angular JS

"Why does there have to be something wrong with AngularJS" by @johnpapa is a great read.

I was confused by Polymer and how it relates to AngularJS.  Both are projects backed by Google.  This SO answer cleared it up a bit.

textAngular is a WYSIWYG text editor directive.

Angular-Storage provides a a localStorage-backed service you can use to persist objects.

Here’s a nice collection of filters for AngularJS.

If you’re doing AngularJS with ASP.NET MVC, check out checklist-model.  It works well with the standard ASP.NET MVC Model Binder.

Here’s a good discussion of $digest and $apply.

This short presentation is a good place to start learning about lazy-loading

Learn about the differences between $emit and $broadcast in AngularJS.

And the rest:

SweetAlert really is a beautiful replacement for window.alert.

Implement a better session timeout experience for your users with Bootstrap Session Timeout.

Golden Layout is a JS layout manager.  Not my cup of tea, but still, kinda neat?

I hate trying to find free stock photography.  All The Free Stock has links to most of the top free stock photography sties, which makes it a lot easier!

Here’s a nice little FAQ page template, complete with some CSS animations.

NEventStore looks like a nice persistence layer for CQRS.

For my fellow GTDers out there, check out GTDNext.  I think I still prefer my Trello board though…

View Components in ASP.NET vNext will replace child actions.  It’s about time!

Here’s a list of Dev14 (.NET vNext) language features and their status.

I’m excited about ASP.NET vNext and the support for Grunt, Gulp, etc. *But* MS doesn’t have the best track record for "do it all" tools (see: TFS).  It really needs to be simpler than this.

Want to learn about RESTful API design?  Here’s a great write-up to help you get started!