It’s the last Friday of September.  Time for another cat pic and some links!


I’ve been working on some simplified ASP.NET Identity samples lately, something that shows how cleanly it can be implemented if you remove some of the bad design and noise that the VS project template adds.  These two posts were very useful: Solving 500 errors with the Google OAuth + Identity and an overview of setting up Google OAuth with ASP.NET Identity 

Looks like the community is giving back to Entity Framework a bit in the 6.1.2 release!

You know those slide-out menus that are so common mobile apps?  Here’s a take on it using the Ionic framework.

This AngularJS directive that will add a loading bar to your app just by including its module. 

There are all sorts of ways to generate TypeScript type definitions from C# classes.    TypeLITE is one such example.

I’ve mentioned it before, but C# 6 has some major improvements.  Here’s another recap of what’s coming.

The validation improvements in AngularJS 1.3 look like a huge step in the right direction.  Year Of Moo also has a detailed write-up on the changes.

And now, your moment of Microsoft-induced pain.  First, I hope none of your LAN applications live on machines with underscores in their names!   Also, I hope none of your Active Directory users ever change their last name