It’s Friday, which means another round-up of useful links.  Oh, and a cat picture!


There’s some really cool stuff coming with C# 6.0.  Check out some of the enhancements!

Be sure to check out EntityFramework.Extended if you are using Entity Framework.  It adds support for future queries, caching, and auditing to EF.

Want to add an interactive tutorial for new users to your web app?  Try EnjoyHint.

I’m seeing more and more examples of people doing cool 3D things in the browser.  A lot of them apparently use three.js.  Like this Batmobile demo.  

Are you on an agile project?  Are you doing estimation?  If so, do you find value in it?  LET THE FLAME WARS BEGIN!

Yes, I’ve actually wanted to use HTML and CSS to create desktop apps before.  DON’T JUDGE ME, OK?!  Looks like I can do that now with node-webkit!

There were some rather understated improvements to async code in .NET 4.5.1, including the addition of useful stack traces!

Here are some inspiring "off-canvas" menu effects.  Again, I’m blown away by how much you can do with so little code in CSS3…

Angular Directives are a powerful tool, but there’s soooo many ways to code them… Here’s a guide to help.

UI-Select is an Angular Directive for Select2.  It works pretty well, but the validation doesn’t work right in multi-select mode.  Here’s your fix