Happy Friday!  It was a busy week for me, so I’ve gather a lot of links to share!  Enjoy!


The first bug was reported 67 years ago on September 9th, 1947. 

If you are interested in Phonegap, check out this article on using Ionic with with Phonegap.

Chartist is yet another (nice-looking!) JavaScript charting library.

A working hard drive, built in Minecraft. I’m not sure if I should be impressed that someone took the time to do this… Or alarmed.

I saw an option for enabling Microsoft Application Insights when I was deploying an app the other day, but I had no clue what it was.  This article will give you a good overview.

Why does AngularJS rock?  I have my own opinions on why it rocks that I might write up someday, but here’s another take on it.

I did a lot of digging this past week into inheritance patterns with AngularJS.  In the end, I ended up not using inheritance, but it’s nice to know what options are available.

Debugging Angular apps with the JS console isn’t overly obvious.  Here’s a good overview of how to do it. 

Mads Kristensen released the "Add Empty File" extension for Visual Studio.  Now you can easily add text, JS, etc. files without having to hunt for them in the Add File dialog.

Here’s a concise reference for Jasmine.  It’s a bit dated, but still very useful.

Want to add cool animations and effects to your AngularJS app?  Check out ngMorph, it looks awesome! 

Year of Moo has a good overview of AngularJS forms.

My former co-worker and friend Chris Lawrence sent me some great-looking JS and CSS examples.  It’s amazing what you can do on modern browsers! 

Famo.us claims it’ll help you create smooth, complex UIs for any screen.  Looks neat!

FlexboxFLEXBOX.  Why didn’t someone tell me about Flexbox sooner?!?  Too bad it mostly-requires IE 11.  🙁