Two new releases today.  The first is a small improvement to SpecsFor, the other is a completely new ReSharper extension to jump-start your productivity with SpecsFor.


One of my focuses with SpecsFor right now is improving the startup experience for new developers.  The first (small) step towards that is a better readme.


Another is an online spec generator:


The spec generator still needs some work, but it’s a start!


The bigger news is that I’ve repackaged the old ReSharper templates as a proper ReSharper extension, and they are now available from the official gallery: SpecsFor.Templates.

There are currently three templates included.

A file template:


A ‘when’ template:


And a ‘then’ template:


These are the standard templates I’ve used on every test project I’ve ever created.  If you’ve created your own templates for use with SpecsFor and you think they’re worth sharing, drop me a line via the comments, and I’ll see about getting them added!