With all the things I’ve got going on these days, it’s tough for me to devote time to SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc.  There’s a ton of things to do.  Aside from the periodic bug reports, there are new features I’d love to implement.  There’s also the woefully inadequate documentation that needs some love.  I need some help.  Any help.  If you’re interested in contributing at any level, please ping me.  Specifically, here are the needs I see right now:

  • More cooks in the kitchen. Right now, most of what is in SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc are things I’ve come up with to address pain points I’ve encountered over the years.  I need others that are passionate about testing to help steer things in the right direction.
  • Documentation.  It’s not exciting, but documentation can make or break a project.  I’d like both SpecsFor and SpecsFor.Mvc to have solid docs.
  • Handling pull requests.  It’s taking me way, way too long to get around to processing pull requests. 
  • New features. I’ve got some ideas on where I want to take both projects going forward, but I don’t have enough time (or motivation) to focus on it alone. 

I’m sure there are other areas where someone could contribute, too.  So if you’re interested at all in helping, please let me know!