The new ‘preview 2’ release of SpecsFor.Mvc is now available on NuGet.   This update is built against the latest Selenium WebDriver package and ASP.NET MVC 4.  It no longer depends on MvcContrib.TestHelper, either, as all the relevant functionality has now been absorbed into SpecsFor.Mvc.  In addition, this preview release fixes several bugs and adds support for cleaning up the published site when using the embedded IIS Express host.

Going forward, the SpecsFor.Mvc package will require a specific version of Selenium WebDriver.  I generally don’t like it when packages do that, but the change from 2.25 to 2.33 broke SpecsFor.Mvc completely, and I don’t want to risk that happening again in the future.  The goal of this project is painless end-to-end testing, and not working because a required package introduced breaking changes with a minor version bump doesn’t align with that goal.  Whoops, I’m starting to rant… MOVING ALONG:

Keep in mind that the removal of MvcContrib.TestHelper is a breaking change, hence the version bump here to 3.0.  You can fix your existing tests by replacing ‘using MvcContrib.TestHelper’ with ‘using SpecsFor.Mvc.Helpers’ (if your file doesn’t already include that namespace). 

Please open up an issue on Github if you run into any problems.