There’s a new version of SpecsFor.Mvc available via NuGet tonight.  This version fixes a long-standing (but difficult to track down) problem with Visual Studio’s test runner.  It includes a few other minor improvements as well.


The big change in this release is a fix for issue #10, a non-descript failure during test setup.  Nate Wools was able to provide me with a repro case that demonstrated the issue, and I was able to trace it down to an unknown problem with MSDeploy.  SpecsFor.Mvc 2.4.0 works around the issue. 

Another related problem stems from the way test runners such as NCrunch and Just Code create a shadow copy of assemblies being tested.  SpecsFor.Mvc needs the path to the web app being tested, and it provides the Project.Named method to help you specify this path.  That method does not work when used with shadow copy, so I put in a better error message if you do try to use it.  For now, the solution is to disable shadow copy when using SpecsFor.Mvc.

Finally, I also hid the IIS Express console window when executing tests.  I can’t do anything about the web driver console window, but at least there’s one fewer app popping up when you run your tests.

Please let me know if you run into any problems with the 2.4.0 release.