I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be presenting at CodeStock again this year.  I think this makes 4 years straight (though that seems impossible, I can’t be that old!)  Here’s what I’ll be talking about in Knoxville this year:


ASP.NET MVC in the Cloud with AppHarbor

The cloud is here, and thanks to services like AppHarbor, it’s awesome.  In this risky, Internet-dependent session we will take an ASP.NET MVC application and push it to the cloud using AppHarbor’s free hosting services.  We’ll explore many of the essential (and free!) add-ons that you can use to quickly prototype and build your next solution in the cloud.

Testing Everything for ASP.NET MVC Applications

Sure, you’re doing some unit testing for your C# code, but how much of your application are those tests really covering?  As more and more functionality moves to the client-side, and as our applications become increasingly complex, unit testing alone isn’t enough.  This session will provide you with a crash course on all the types of testing you should be doing for your ASP.NET MVC applications.  We’ll use SpecsFor to unit test our controllers, Jasmine to test our JavaScript, and SpecsFor.Mvc to create some slick end-to-end integration tests.  Oh, and I’ll also show you all the tools that can help you effectively create and run your tests!


My brother, Nathan, will also be presenting again this year:

Introductory PowerShell for Developers

PowerShell is one of those tools that gets a lot of attention from the IT administration side, but many developers think it’s not a tool aimed at them.  But trust me, PowerShell is an arrow that no developer’s quiver should be without.  Using real-world examples, come learn how you can find problems in your source code, uncover production bugs in your application, tinker with .NET libraries without having to create throw-away projects, and simplify production application updates.  If you’ve never used PowerShell before, this is the session for you.  If you’ve used it once or twice but aren’t sure how to use it to simplify your development life, this is the session for you.  Even if you’re using PowerShell on a semi-regular basis, you may still learn a trick or two!


I’ll be around for speaker events  and socializing this year, so drop me a line if you want to chat about something!