Month: <span>February 2013</span>

SpecsFor V3 Release Candidate Now Available

The SpecsFor 3.0 release is nearing completion!  The release candidate is now on NuGet.  This release further cleans up and simplifies things and lays the groundwork for porting SpecsFor to other testing frameworks. [more] To try out the release candidate, install the prerelease version from NuGet: PM> Install-Package SpecsFor -Pre Since the last preview release,…

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Connecting TeamCity to Gitblit

This post is more of a reference for myself than anything else, but you might find it useful if you have run into security problems while trying to hook TeamCity to a Gitblit server that uses a self-signed certificate. [more] My team is slowly migrating to Gitblit from Subversion.  We’re big on Continuous Integration, so…

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A Generic Entity Framework 5 Repository With Eager-Loading

I’ve been doing some work with Entity Framework 5 lately.  Here’s a simple generic repository I created that allows you to “Include” related entities by applying an attribute. [more] Consider these sample entities: public class User { [Key] public int UserId { get; set; } [Required, MaxLength(50)] public string Username { get; set; } [Required]…

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