Well, devLink 2012 is over.  I got exactly what I expected out of the event: a great time, some new ideas, some great interactions, and some great experience.  I see now that I was only partially abusing the Pomodoro technique thanks to @joelcochran, I learned a lot about JavaScript from @ifandelse, and I learned that LINQ really has nothing to do with IEnumerable thanks to an awesome presentation by @kodefuguru. 

I had a great time talking about SpecsFor and about StructureMap.  My SpecsFor talk was much rougher than any of the other times I’ve presented it, but I’d like to think that I redeemed myself with my StructureMap talk.  Thanks, everyone, who provided feedback.  It really does help, and it will help me be that much better next time. 

Anyway, My code and slides are now online for anyone that is interested (links below).  I’ll be posting more details, particularly about some of the StructureMap black magic that I showed, over the coming days (weeks/months).  I’m also putting together a refreshed build of SpecsFor.Mvc to address the compatibility problems introduced by .NET 4.5 final, and I’m going to be working on getting some other things posted that I’ve been dragging my feet on.  It’s going to be a busy few weeks around here…

StructureMapping Your Way to Better Software – Slides, Code

Integration Testing with SpecsFor.Mvc – Slides, Code