Month: <span>November 2011</span>

SpecsFor.Mvc – Acceptance Testing Without Magic Strings

Today I published the first preview release of the next member of the SpecsFor family: SpecsFor.Mvc!  SpecsFor.Mvc is a stand-alone library designed to simplify and streamline the creation of acceptance tests for ASP.NET MVC applications.  Read on to find out how easy it is to start crafting automated acceptance tests with SpecsFor.Mvc today! [more] Test-Driven…

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SpecsFor 2.0 Released!

Things have been quiet lately for my BDD framework, SpecsFor, but I have finally published version 2.0 to both Github and NuGet.  Read on to find out what’s changed. [more] PM> Install-Package SpecsFor New Testing Styles Prior to version 2.0, SpecsFor required you to write BDD-style specs.  While that’s still the primary use case, the…

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