Month: <span>May 2011</span>

Easily Un-ignore NuGet Package Contents With Subversion

A common practice when using Subversion is to ignore build output files such as DLLs and EXEs.  However, there are times when you want to include these sorts of files, such as when you add a new NuGet package to your project.  There is a poorly-documented feature in Subversion that allows you to un-ignore files…

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Powershell Magic and Syncing Your Profile through THE CLOUD

Powershell is a wonderful tool.  It replaced cmd.exe as my go-to shell long ago, and I’m consistently finding ways to automate painful, manual processes through simple, clean Powershell scripting.  One thing that bugged me though is that my Powershell profile was not consistent across all my many workstations.  By combining Dropbox and a little Poweshell…

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