The first full, non-beta release of SpecsFor is finally out the door.  This release enables BDD style testing using NUnit, Moq, and StructureMap’s auto-mocking container. 

You can grab the binary release from the CodePlex site, or you may use NuGet instead.


The current version of SpecsFor depends on a few strongly-named packages.  These dependencies will be softened in the next release (more on that below), but you might run into versioning issues when using NuGet as David Ebbo described very well.  Fortunately NuGet’s ‘Add-BindingRedirect’ cmdlet works very well and will sort things out for you automatically. 

What’s next?  Who knows, but maybe…

  • Support for the auto-mocking container of your choice.
  • Support for other testing frameworks (MS Test, MbUnit).
  • Integration with UI testing libraries.
  • Improvements to further reduce testing friction.
  • Got an idea?  Submit it!