Month: <span>June 2010</span>

RageFeed’s Message Bus

In my recent post about heavy controller actions in RageFeed, I promised to show more details about how the Message Bus pattern was being employed within RageFeed to facilitate the creation of simple, business-logic-free controllers.  Then I got sidetracked with a new job, CodeStock, travel, and life in general. Since then, the message bus in…

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My “NHibernate.Search and Lucene.NET” Presentation from CodeStock 2010

CodeStock 2010 is over. I had a good time, talked with lots of cool people, and attended some great sessions.  Though I had to miss day 1 due to commitments for my new job at TrackAbout, I was able to attend and present on day 2.  I’d like to thank everyone that attended my presentation,…

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