I’ve just finished up the draggable rows module for liteGrid.  You can check out the demo page here.  The module supports the tree-grid module (but does not require it).  It’s built using jQuery UI’s draggable and droppable behaviors.  I’ve tested it on IE 8, Firefox 3.5, and Chrome, and it seems to work fine everywhere.  If you find a bug, please report it.

As part of this change, I’ve altered the behavior of the tree-grid module.  Prior to this release, it added it’s own column for the tree expander.  As of this release, it (and the draggable rows module) requires that you define a “utils” column.  Both the drag handle and the row expander will be added to this column.  If the column isn’t defined, an error will be logged to the console, and both modules will abort initialization. 

In other liteGrid news, I noticed that the resizable columns are no longer working Chrome.  I will try to fix this ASAP.  If anyone would like to tackle that bug, please feel free.