Month: <span>September 2009</span>

Fluent wrapper for ASP.NET MVC TagBuilder

I’m not a huge fan of the fluent-API.  I think it’s a pattern that’s been overused and is now applied like mayonnaise: people are putting it on things where it just doesn’t belong.  That said, there are times when it’s useful.  Case in point is building up an HTML snippet programmatically for use in ASP.NET…

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Relational databases – the hammer-to-a-screw of software development?

Relational databases make me sad.  They are slow, they pose a serious impedance mismatch when used with an object-oriented language, they are heavy, they have non-trivial hardware requirements, and they can cost (a lot) of money.  Did I mention that they’re SLOW?  Unfortunately, some 95%* of software applications use relational databases for persistence, which means…

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