Last night, I finished moving ML# (mlsharp or ML-Sharp) to Google Code.  You can check it out here.  This project was originally just a library I used to run experiments for a grant I was working on.  Since then, it has matured a bit and is now (I feel) on the verge of becoming a useful tool for machine learning.  It is currently limited to only a few classifiers, and it depends on Weka for some of its core functionality, but I plan to address these deficiencies as time allows. 

In future posts, I’ll be describing some of the features of ML# and how it all works.  For now, ML# is out there for the world to throw stones at.  At this stage, I would love to have some feedback on things like high-level organization, design, coding style, etc. so that I can get those things locked down before moving forward.  Feel free to check out the code.  If you are interested in contributing to the project in a larger way, send me an E-mail. 

My work week has gone to crap, so no liteGrid update today.