This isn’t directly development-related, but it is noteworthy.  On May 8th, Square Enix, makers of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, etc, hit Chrono Compendium with a cease-and-desist related to ROM hacking and modifications, particularly as it relates to the Crimson Echoes fan project.  Square Enix has sent C&D projects in the Chrono community before, but they were always to people that were recreating Chrono in a new engine/platform/whatever, not to groups that were creating ROM hacks.  ROM hacks are essentially nothing more than mods, which are standard fare these days.  Instead of being appreciative of a community that has thrived despite being largely abandoned for the better part of a decade, Square Enix decided to be LAME and resort to legal threats. 

I was actually look forward to playing Crimson Echoes, and I’m very sad to see it go.  This is a great example of how screwed up intellectual properties are… anyway, if you have a blog and were/are a fan of the Chrono series, spread the word.  I highly recommend *NOT* buying things with the Square Enix label since they are unoriginal dicks who are surviving mostly on name and rehashes of old IP.  Good job, Square!  Digg the story here.