Windows 7 RC Publicly Available
The release candidate has arrived!  And it’s valid until March 1st!  The beta, however, begins shutting down on June 1st (less than a month for those who can’t read the title of this blog post).  If you’re running beta, get it.  Upgrading from beta to RC is described here, but it is not recommended. 

Storing MVC views in a database
Phil Haack has a good article on storing your ASP.NET MVC views in a database and rendering them without requiring full-trust.  This could be very useful for any system that needs to support customization, such as a CMS or blog. 

MVC best practices video
I confess that I haven’t watched this yet, but it’s queued up for viewing during lunch today!

This thing is so cool that I’m cross-listing it here and on Delicious.  It’s turns an HTML text area into a rich-text editor for code.  That’s pretty hot.