Two weeks, then school is out.  Sadly I’m going to miss my thesis defense deadline, but not by much.  By the end of May, I should still be a free man, which means more posts (maybe).  In the mean time, here are links that I missed over the last week:

Windows 7 RC
The release candidate should be here on the 30th.  That’s great news.  I’m really digging the beta.  I would switch from XP to Windows 7 *today* if there was going to be a supported upgrade path from the pre-releases to the final release (there is an upgrade path, apparently, but it isn’t supported).

Visual Studio 2010 Beta Coming??  Learn more here.
I didn’t realize we were so close to the 2010 release.  It seems like just yesterday I was installing the Visual Studio 2005 beta.  *sighs*  Anyway, read up on all the new things that are coming so that you won’t be behind (like I am).

Good MVC Advice
Jimmy has some really sound advice on building applications with ASP.NET MVC.  There are a lot of things I hadn’t thought about, such as using a single “InputFor” extension that intelligently figures out what to render based on what it is rendering.  Very slick.

Nvigorate Improving
Alex has made a lot of progress over the last month on Nvigorate.  I’m very happy to see “fluent mapping API” on the completed-work list. 

I’m late to the ELMAH rocks party, but “ELMAH rocks!”  How did such a cool tool stay hidden for so long?  Coincidentally, this is exactly what the delayed podcast I was supposed to co-host was going to address: gems that the community did not know about.

Ayene on ActiveRecord
Here’s a rare chance to see/hear Ayene in action as he discusses Castle ActiveRecord at Oredev.

Need to build test objects?  Use NBuilder!
Just found this little tool.  I wrote something similar for my employer, but this looks quite a bit better/more powerful.