Obligatory apology for lack of posting: yeah, life is sucking pretty hard right now.  I have a paper due in two weeks, a 40-minute presentation on deep web crawling to give on Wednesday, a new .NET information retrieval application that has to be complete in about three weeks, a thesis that has to be defended within three weeks, a baby that’s apparently on the way (RIGHT NOW), two journal articles to submit for publication, a new Umbraco site to finish up… my life sucks.

But it doesn’t suck as bad as Kobe.  I am continually baffled by the things that come out of Microsoft.  You have great guys like Scott Gu, Scott Hansleman, etc, all of whom seem to really “get it” and are driving things in a positive direction.  Then, you have things like Kobe.  I haven’t looked at the entire thing, and after reading this, I don’t plan to.  I just don’t understand how the same division that saw the light and adopted jQuery is the same division that’s kicking out crap like Kobe.  It. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. 

So anyway, if you want to build a terrible application, it sounds like Kobe is a great place to get ideas.  You should also checkout Oxite