Some of these links are late since I was in meetings the entire second half of last week, but all are still worth a look if you missed them:

WPF Glass Effect
Want the Aero glass look in your WPF application?  Well, now you can get it with just a few lines of XAML.

9 Golden Rules of Visual Design
If you are a good developer, then you (probably) suck at visual design.  Here are some rules you can follow to make your interfaces less terrible.

Getting started with NHibernate and Fluent Mapping
This is a very nice tutorial on getting up and running with NHibernate using the fluent mapping API.  I’m still a Castle ActiveRecord fan, but the fluent mapping API is a huge step up from the verbose, run-time validated XML configuration that NHibernate uses by default.

ReSharper 4.5 Released
The new version of ReSharper is out!  It looks like they fixed the XAML issues I was running in to.  Sadly Agent Smith hasn’t been updated yet, but overall, 4.5 is worth the upgrade.