ASP.NET MVC Goes Open-Source
The source has always been available, but now it’s MS-PL, which means you can take it, modify it, redistribute it, whatever you want.  That’s good news for the Mono crew!

Maarten has a nice write-up summarizing some of the things that are available in ASP.NET MVC Futures.  None of this is officially ‘production ready’, but that’s been true of MVC in general up until recently.  Use at your own risk, but there’s some really handy things in there.

ASP.NET MVC Best Practices?
I think it’s still a little early in ASP.NET MVC’s lifetime to be claiming “best practices”, but here are some recommendations that are (probably) good advice.

10 C# Keywords To Avoid
Thankfully I don’t use these (at least not very often).  Well, except for ‘goto’.  I don’t know how you write enterprise systems without using ‘goto’ a lot! </sarcasm>

And yes, I have completely missed the mark on making useful posts this week.  School + work is killing me (seriously).  Useful posts should increase once the semester is over.