Oh crap it’s April Fools Day.  The gimmick articles are out in force!

Internet Explorer Stops Sucking!
Ok, that one is pretty obvious.  I mean, Internet Explorer *not* suck?  Impossible, I say!

.NET 4.1 Features
Thankfully we don’t have to worry about this coming true.

Ayende has forsaken us!
Abandon ship!  Everyone out of the universe!

Real links:

ASP.NET Futures Feedback
MS is requesting feedback to help guide the construction of ASP.NET vNext.  If you want to complain, now is the time!

XNA News
Somehow I missed that the Game Developer’s Conference was last week.  Lots of cool news related to XNA in this post.

NVigorate Improvements
Alex has posted some sample code of the improved query API for NVigorate.  I really like that it’s strongly-typed now.  NVigorate is shaping up to be a very solid package.